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How does my editor know which guidelines to follow when editing my text?

There can be minor or major differences when it comes to the rules of formatting and layout, as well as correct citing, heading, chapter division, footnotes, bibliography, paragraphs and the like. To conform to those diverging rules and meet all requirements related to editing the text, your editor needs you to send them, additionally to your text file and if available, a list of all possibly relevant instructions (guidelines, citation rules etc.).

If we don’t receive any such information from you, we will, as a preference, follow these guidelines:

Citing and Bibliographies (University of Vienna) [Zitieren & Quellenverweise]

For the citing of legislation, laws and jurisdiction ( [Zum Zitieren von Rechtsvorschriften, Gesetzesmaterialien und Rechtsprechung]

Guide to the writing of theses and dissertations in Public Law [Leitfaden für das Verfassen von Diplomarbeiten und Dissertationen im Öffentlichen Recht]

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