Proof Reading Service

Feedback and Objection

What happens if I am not content with the result of the editing process?


It is the endeavor of all editors at to give our clients full satisfaction with our service. If none the less the result of an editing process does not meet your expectations, you have of course, as a client of, the possibility to object within the warranty period to (severe) deficiencies in your text once it has been finished and uploaded. We will then look into the matter promptly.


If your objections were justified, the respective editor will be obliged to correct their mistakes within two working days. If the respective editor is unable to do so, we will forward the task immediately to another editor in order to meet your expectations with the final result. If we are unable – for whatever reason – to correct the (severe) defects within time, you will be reimbursed for the amount you have paid us.


Objections of a client that remain unjustified even after precise examination will not be taken into account. We will of course communicate and explain our dismissal.

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Within short time after uploading your document you will receive a response from one of our editors.