Proof Reading Service


What does the editor pay attention to?


-    orthography (spelling), punctuation, grammar, word order
-    syllabication, consistent font size and line spacing, redundant blank characters 
-    index, headings, page references and footnotes, numbering of images and tables 
-    quotation marks, hyphens/dashes, coherence of writing (e.g. abbreviations)
-    special characters and formulas
-    structure, coherence and intelligibility 
-    word repetition, dispensable filler words, redundancy

and much more



All amendments are made with regard to the new regulation of German spelling rules, becoming definitely effective as of 1 August 2006 in its revised version.  If the rules allow several writing options, we will take the option suggested by Duden (26th edition).


Please note: does currently NOT offer subject-specific editing, i.e. the authors are solely responsible for the subject-specific accuracy of your text (e.g. technical terms, dates, mathematical/physical/chemical formula, sources or accuracy of direct quotes in the text etc.). If however we should spot possible discrepancies, we will inform you.

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