Proof Reading Service

Availability of Editors

What if there is no editor available within my timeframe?


Relying on our vast number of freelancers in our editor pool, this should never be the case. As soon as you have uploaded your text for editing and thus given the task, all our editors are informed via email that a new text is read to be edited. Each of our editors can look at your text before undertaking the task and thus evaluate whether a timely completion of the task is possible for the individual editor. By accepting and downloading the task, the respective editor is obliged to upload the edited text within the given timeframe on your website and thus make it available to you.


If, however, our editors are due to insufficient capacities unable to edit a very difficult text within the time stated by the price calculator, we will contact the client as soon as possible in order to find a solution.

Upload Document

Within short time after uploading your document you will receive a response from one of our editors.