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editing procedure

What does the editing procedure look like at

When you choose, you will first have to register on our website to create your personal user account. Registering does of course not mean you are submitting the task already.


Once you’ve logged in via the registration form, you can send us your text, and if you want to, your guidelines, citation rules etc., simply and conveniently by uploading the file(s).


Next you will be redirected to the payment terms. You have the choice of paying for the editing job via PayPal or with your credit card. By making a deposit of the right amount you are giving us the job officially and bindingly. As a rule, you will be contacted by the person who will be your editor within a few hours.


Upon completion of the editing process, your edited text will be available in two versions and ready for download on your personal user account:

1) the edited ready-to-print file

2) a file with all amendments and changes that have been made, accompanied by helpful annotations from the editor.


For details see Pricing.

Upload Document

Within short time after uploading your document you will receive a response from one of our editors.