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With the verdict from 19-12-2000 (4 Ob 274/00y – liability for links on website) the Supreme Court of Justice has determined that the operator of a website, by placing a link, has to stand for the content of an alien website and is possibly liable for it.

The website of Jackthepaper contains links to external pages of third parties whose content and design do not lie in the scope of responsibility of Jackthepaper and the continuous surveillance of which is not reasonable for the operators of Jackthepaper. Jackthepaper does not adopt the content and statements of those websites and expressly points out that the operators and editorial freelancers of Jackthepaper claim no liability or guarantee for damage originating or relating to the use of those websites directly or indirectly linked on our page.

Access via links to content of external websites and homepages and the usage thereof, as it is laid out in each of the applicable site policies, are made solely at the user’s own risk.

Those linked websites have been reviewed by Jackthepaper and were found harmless at the time of the linking. There is no additional or continuous control of websites a user is directed to from our website via hyperlinks nor of websites that direct a user to In case users note that a link refers to legally problematic (in particular illegal, discriminating, offensive or improper) content and/or information, we kindly ask to report this to Jackthepaper via e-mail to or by filling out our contact form (by clicking on this link) in order for us to immediately remove said content and/or information.

All content of the website has been created with the greatest possible diligence.
The operators constantly endeavour – to the best of their knowledge and belief – to update the information provided on those websites. However, Jackthepaper cannot make any representations or warranties regarding the currency, completeness or accuracy as well as the quality and correct depiction of content within the internet. Likewise, the availability of our websites (or parts thereof) cannot be guaranteed. If you detect any obvious errors, please contact our customer service team by filling out the contact form.

At any given time and without previous notice, Jackthepaper is authorized to restrict the availability of offered websites for a definite or indefinite period of time, to modify, add, and/or remove content. Hence, it is recommended to ensure that it is referred to the latest version of the content before using Jackthepaper’s services. The operators of Jackthepaper as well as their editorial freelancers are not liable for any damages occurring in connection with those contents nor/or any other consequential disadvantages arising due to use (or disuse) or the lack, incompleteness or inaccuracy of information and data on those sites, except in case of intent or gross negligence by the operators or their editorial freelancers (see General Terms and Conditions).

Personal Data

In general our website can be accessed without disclosing personal information. Merely data which is transferred by the internet provider is collected (especially the user’s IP-address). This information is saved for the length of the website visit only; an analysis is only made for statistical purposes, whereby each user remains anonymous.
Additionally, solely personal data, which a user of our website explicitly and voluntarily enters, will be collected. For instance, data that is provided when registering at our website in order to make use of Jackthepaper’s offered services whether that is only one time or continuously over a longer period of time.
We take all measures required by law in order to protect the entrusted personal data, which are used only in accordance with the adequate purpose and under consideration of the applicable legal requirements – in particular the data protection laws. Personal data will not be disclosed to external third parties if this is not legally permissible or explicitly requested by the affected party. Deletion of collected data may be requested at any time when services provided by Jackthepaper are no longer used.

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