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Pricing offers attractive fixed prices that depend on the word count of your document. With the help of our price calculator you can find out the price and time for editing your document quickly and easily.

Click and drag the arrow to the right or enter the exact word count of your document to determine the price. All statements are in euro.

0 Hours

For documents exceeding 30,000 words, please click


Left-click on the arrow and drag it (pressing down the mouse button) to the right until you have reached the word count of your text. Alternatively, you can enter the exact word count manually.

All prices are final prices in EURO and already include mandatory sales tax. The basis for our calculations is the so-called standard page in A4 format with an average of 250 words, respectively 1,500 strokes (including blank characters).

1–4 pages

within approx. 24 hours, approx. 1 workday

5–20 pages

within approx. 48 hours, approx. 2 workdays

21–60 pages

within approx. 96 hours, approx. 4 workdays

61–120 pages

within approx. 192 hours, approx. 8 workdays

Please note: these time designations are no binding promise on the actual length of editing your text; it is merely an average count (measured by the maximum page count) based on previous experiences. You will receive detailed information from your editor who will, after a first inspection, let you know how long the editing process will take – sometimes, quality needs time.

How do I know how many words my text has?

Microsoft Word® displays the word count in the status bar on the bottom rim of the window (if this is not the case, right-click on the status bar and activate the point Word Count). Alternatively, you can click on the tab Review in the menu and then click on Count Words under Document Review (this includes information about number of pages, characters, paragraphs etc.).


In the case your document is of an rtf or txt format, please do the following:

Mark the entire text and copy-paste it into an empty Word file; then proceed as described above. Alternatively, you can find out the word count by pasting the text to, or


           words      pages (approx.)       amount

             1.250                   5                 €    36,24

             2.500                 10                 €    67,49

             5.000                 20                 €  129,99

             7.500                 30                 €  186,24

           12.500                 50                 €  298,74

           17.500                 70                 €  404,99

           25.000               100                 €  554,99

What’s next? – A few steps to your edited text


Register to sign up for your personal user account. Please double-check the spelling of your e-mail address to make sure possible queries and all our information to you will be sent to the right address. Of course, signing up does not mean you are placing an order.


Log in via the entry form and send us your text simply and conveniently by uploading the data. The text has to be uploaded exclusively as a DOC-, DOCX-, TXT-, RTF-, PPT- or PPTX file and cannot exceed the maximum file size of 20 MB. Other information that might be of importance for the editor (guidelines, citation rules, explications) may also be uploaded as a PDF file.


You have the opportunity to pay the price calculated based on the word count either from a PayPal account or with your credit card. By depositing the money you are placing an order that is binding to us, and you will, as a general rule, be contacted within a few hours by the person who will edit your text.


Upon completion of the editing process, your edited text will be available in two versions and ready for DOWNLOAD on your personal user account: one version being the edited ready-to-print file, the other showing all amendments and changes that have been made, accompanied by helpful annotations from the editor.

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