Proof Reading Service


There are many reasons why to choose

-          Expertise: professional editors with long-time experience in the field of editing and proofreading  

-          Quality: premium editing and correcting of errors with regard to orthography (spelling), punctuation, grammar, continuity of writing, style and structure, intelligibility, formatting, layout and much more  

-          Reliability: a 24/7 online editing-service (also on Sundays and holidays), ideal utilization of the free capacities of our freelancers, fast and timely delivery of edited texts, 100% satisfaction guaranteed, immediate information on the price online via our price calculator.

-          Individuality: Each and every editing process follows the instructions of the respective client. 

-          Transparency: The client receives a flawless ready-to-print document as well as a document in which all amendments and changes are visible, next to explanations/annotations regarding the adaptions. 

-          Confidentiality: We treat all information about you as well as the content of your uploaded documents with utmost confidentiality. They will be accessible to personnel of only (in some cases even restrictedly). 

-          Post-Editorial: Your editor is of course also at your disposal for queries after completion of the editing process. We consider our job successfully fulfilled only when you are content with the result.

-          Money-back Guarantee: If you complain about deficiencies in our work within the warranty period, we will look into the matter immediately and take care that the deficiencies are made good promptly, either by the original editor or by another of our editors. If we fail to correct the defects to your satisfaction and within the appointed time, we will pay you back the fee paid to us. 


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